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Now Online for Families Learning at Home

Hi Parents,

Welcome to the Learning Curve at Home Community. We hope you are keeping well during these challenging Covid-19 times.

We are thrilled to be able to now offer you our Student Wellbeing Program and Journals ONLINE. For over 20 years our student based products and programs have been used in thousands of schools across the globe and just like the rest of the world we are adapting to these changing circumstances. For the first time we are now live and available for individual subscription.

Like many parents, in the last fortnight we have found ourselves in the challenging position of trying to work from home and personally educate our children at the same time. The juggling act has been harder than ever.

Although our children’s school has been incredible with providing detailed plans and tasks, we found that we were constantly searching for more activities the kids could do independently while we tried to stay on top of our own personal work.

Fortunately, we have had one set of Grandparents Isolating with us. Better yet, Mick (also known as Grumps) is a former Australian School Principal and an educational author – the very clever man who wrote these incredible Journals and the entire Student Wellbeing Program. Mick has been spending most afternoons with our children working through the Student Wellbeing Program and the kids are really enjoying it. In the first couple of days in isolation we shared the program and activities with a few friends and they too found it to be really valuable.

While having a virtual wine on ‘House Party’ with a group of friends we knew instantly that somehow we needed to support all parents by allowing them to access the Student Wellbeing Program at home…. after many long days of working with our wonderful web developers….WE ARE LIVE!

We have simplified the weekly Student Wellbeing Program to be more parent friendly, let’s be honest most of us are not teachers and wouldn’t know where to start with explicit teaching. The Student Wellbeing Program is designed to complement the normal school curriculum that your school is setting and ensure that our children’s wellbeing is still being developed.

Once you have subscribed to the relevant age group/s simply log in and download the weeks activity sheets. Some activities can be completed online while others are required to be printed (particularly the mindfulness activities).

Below is a guide to follow each day.

Monday – First Page of ‘My Wellbeing Journal’
Tuesday – Character Strength Activity Sheet
Wednesday – Mindfulness Activity Sheet
Thursday – Respectful Relationships Activity Sheet
Friday – Wellbeing Goal Reflection and Second Page of ‘My Wellbeing Journal’

We wish everyone all the best in the coming months and hope that our Student Wellbeing Program can be of assistance to all parents whilst you are homeschooling your children.

Stay Home and Take care.

The Learning Curve at Home Team

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