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How To Start Building Positivity In Your Children

Element of Wellbeing: Positive Emotions + Gratitude

Wellbeing Activity – Looking Forward

To ensure that our younger children are able to feel that everything is going to be ok, as parents we need to deliberately role model being optimistic about influencing our own future. A great way to do this is to have what I call, daily Wellbeing Fitness Challenges, which the whole family does together. 

The first one I’ll share is called Looking Forward. You will need a whiteboard marker, make sure that it is not a permanent one. On either a small whiteboard or on the front of the fridge, write the heading Looking Forward. Then during the evening meal, with the TV and phones off, as a family come up with the things you are looking forward to most tomorrow and write them under the heading. They can be as simple as taking their dog for a walk or drawing a picture for a friend.

 Then the challenge for each of the family is to focus their energies on making them happen. At the evening meal, share how each of you fared and come up with tomorrow’s new ones.

With you participating in the activity, encourages children to believe that they can make these things happen.

Your child’s wellbeing is important, for more activities like this check out our wellbeing program designed for kids of all ages here: https://learningcurveathome.com/wellbeing-program-2/ 

All the best, Mick

Mick Walsh

Author, Educator and Speaker


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