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Newsletter #4 Relationships + Empathy – Hidden People

Element of Wellbeing: Relationships + Empathy

Wellbeing Activity – Hidden People

As parents, I don’t need to tell you that the adolescent brain can be a turbulent place, fueled by a cocktail of hormones and emotions. This often results in a narrowing of outlook on life that everything that happens in their relationships is caused by me, myself and I. In these uncertain times, this tendency can be magnified for them. “There is nothing I can do right and no one understands me.”

This activity, called Hidden People, is designed to encourage teenagers to be less egocentric and to look beyond themselves for people in their lives that they often take for granted. This enables them to recalibrate what matters and what doesn’t matter.

Ask you teenagers to either download the Character Strength Social Intelligence activity from our website www.learningcurveathome.com or draw three rows on a sheet of paper with the headings, at home, at school and in the community. With their phone and other devices off, ask them to think about and reflect on who in each of these three environments give themselves to make their lives more meaningful and why they feel that. Then ask them to contact these people individually to thank them and tell them they are valued and appreciated.

Should you have any further queries about our Student Wellbeing Programs and Journals, or you would like further support, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the website  www.learningcurveathome.com

All the best, Mick

Mick Walsh

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