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Building healthy, positive and resilient students

Online Learning Programs included with Learning Curve products.

What parents are saying About Our Programs

I have been familiar with the Learning Curve Student Wellbeing Program for approximately two years. Unfortunately I wasn't able to access the resources for my children as their school had not registered for the Program. I am thrilled that we can now individually subscribe. I am one of the lucky parents to gain early access to this subscription model and have been working through it with my teenage children at home. I am blown away by how much my kids are thriving with these activities. The activities are opening up great discussions about really important life topics such as positive relationships. Highly recommend this Student Wellbeing Program! Thank you in advance! Julie from Melbourne, Australia.
I have personally known Mick Walsh [The Author] for many years and have been trying to encourage the school I currently work in to integrate the Learning Curve Student Wellbeing Program and Journals into our curriculum. When I heard that the Student Wellbeing Program and Journal are now available for individuals to subscribe to I was so pleased. The current Covid-19 conditions are making it very difficult for teachers, parents and students but online programs such as this are so important to ensure our students are still receiving a positive education. Mel from Regional NSW, Australia